The City of South Bend, Mishawaka, and St. Joseph County to successfully apply for US EPA Brownfield grant funding for a $600,000 FY2014 US EPA award. This website acts as the Public Engagement Portal to help connect the public with the South Bend Brownfield Coalition's efforts. From late 2014 through 2017 we will efficiently identify, prioritize, plan and assess brownfield conditions throughout St. Joseph County, IN.

State (Indiana) Definition of Brownfield - Indiana Statutes: 13-11-2-19.3 as noted in this IDEM Program Guide

Federal Definition of Brownfield - The US EPA provides this Brownfield Overview & Definition

Further details of the US EPA Grant Announcement for the South Bend Brownfield Coalition's US EPA Brownfield Assessment Coalition Grant Award.

US EPA Brownfield Assessment Grants and Coalition Assessment Grants are explained at this EPA LINK.

Lunch & Learn Brownfield Discussion 9/9/2016

Lunch & Learn Brownfield Discussion 9/9/2016

On September 9, 2016, the Greater South Bend Mishawaka Association of Realtors kindly hosted the South Bend Brownfield Coalition (SBBC) at its offices in South Bend.  First, from 10:00AM to 11:30AM the Technical Project Team conducted a Bi-Weekly progress meeting.

At Noon, immediately following this regularly scheduled meeting, Lead Coalition Member Chris Dressel (City of South Bend), and Chris Harrell (Lazarus LLC) shared a formal presentation.  An open discussion of brownfield issues then rounded out lunch session.  A Q&A session probed the many nuances between residential and commercial properties, and how the different types of sites are dealt with in both in definition, and in brownfield redevelopment practice.  Eddie Niziolek and Myron Larimer were especially helpful in arranging the event, lunch was generously provided by a local GSBMAoR Sponsor and partner, and Lazarus supplied coffee – hopefully Harrell’s spill didn’t stain the carpet!

The formal presentation may be found here: SBBC L&L Presentation SouthBend GSMBAoR 9.9.2016


September 9, 2016


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