The City of South Bend, Mishawaka, and St. Joseph County to successfully apply for US EPA Brownfield grant funding for a $600,000 FY2014 US EPA award. This website acts as the Public Engagement Portal to help connect the public with the South Bend Brownfield Coalition's efforts. From late 2014 through 2017 we will efficiently identify, prioritize, plan and assess brownfield conditions throughout St. Joseph County, IN.

State (Indiana) Definition of Brownfield - Indiana Statutes: 13-11-2-19.3 as noted in this IDEM Program Guide

Federal Definition of Brownfield - The US EPA provides this Brownfield Overview & Definition

Further details of the US EPA Grant Announcement for the South Bend Brownfield Coalition's US EPA Brownfield Assessment Coalition Grant Award.

US EPA Brownfield Assessment Grants and Coalition Assessment Grants are explained at this EPA LINK.

About Us

Who we are

The City of South Bend, Mishawaka, and St. Joseph County in Indiana joined together to form a Brownfield Coalition to successfully apply for US EPA Brownfield grant funding in 2013. Through concerted effort, the comprehensive, data-driven approach that the coalition partners proposed to the EPA resulted in a three-year $600,000 grant funded project. We are the Brownfield Coalition, tasked with using these funds to identify, prioritize, and assess brownfield conditions in South Bend, Mishawaka, and throughout all of St. Joseph County.

What We Do

We are deploying an innovative approach to assess barriers to redevelopment throughout St. Joseph County. Through a cooperative effort the Brownfield Coalition successfully proposed a 3-year $600,000 US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Community-wide Assessment Grant funded project. By combining innovative data mining, digital technology, community condition data gathering, and community planning efforts with public input, we can more effectively and efficiently target brownfield redevelopment need.  In a collaborative approach we can better prioritize and leverage brownfield assessment grant funds on sites that present environmental challenges to redevelopment.

What We Seek

We seek your help.  We seek to promote cooperation, input and understanding to enable redevelopment throughout St. Joseph County. Brownfields are sites that pose challenges to redevelopment due to perceived or real contamination.  The costs of determining if a property is contaminated, and if so, at what level, are often a first barrier to breaking a site out of a cycle of stagnation. This EPA grant funded effort intends to leverage community input, existing data, and new community condition data to prioritize sites for efficient use of the available site assessment funds. We seek broad community input and assistance in this cooperative effort. If you are concerned about a site in the community, or if you have a site that may need funding to conduct environmental assessment please contact us!

Our Community Makers

Our unique Lazarus + Symbiont approach to a data driven process of a Coalition approach to drive the implementation of a Brownfield Assessment Grant Coalition: public engagement, municipal partner engagement, deep data mining, brownfield bicycle tour, brownfield inventory creation, asset and community investment mapping,  brownfield planning, prioritization of sites to assess, identification of Focus Areas, brownfield Phase I ESA Surveys, and cost efficient site assessment implementation.

South Bend Coalition Staff

Chris Dressel

South Bend

Ken Prince


Bill Shalliol

St. Joeseph Co.

Consultant Team



Nivas Vijay


Chris Harrell


Sub-Contractor Team

Dawn Kroh

Green 3 LLC

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Green 3 LLC

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Glass Web Projects, LLC