The City of South Bend, Mishawaka, and St. Joseph County to successfully apply for US EPA Brownfield grant funding for a $600,000 FY2014 US EPA award. This website acts as the Public Engagement Portal to help connect the public with the South Bend Brownfield Coalition's efforts. From late 2014 through 2017 we will efficiently identify, prioritize, plan and assess brownfield conditions throughout St. Joseph County, IN.

State (Indiana) Definition of Brownfield - Indiana Statutes: 13-11-2-19.3 as noted in this IDEM Program Guide

Federal Definition of Brownfield - The US EPA provides this Brownfield Overview & Definition

Further details of the US EPA Grant Announcement for the South Bend Brownfield Coalition's US EPA Brownfield Assessment Coalition Grant Award.

US EPA Brownfield Assessment Grants and Coalition Assessment Grants are explained at this EPA LINK.

Who we are

Leveraging EPA grant funds to assess community conditions.

The Brownfield Coalition consists of municipal agents of South Bend, Mishawaka, and St. Joseph County. After years of cooperation in St. Joseph County these 3 Coalition member partners

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What we do

Innovative approach to assessing barriers to redevelopment.

Through a cooperative effort the Brownfield Coalition successfully proposed a 3-year $600,000US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  Brownfields

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What we seek

Promote cooperation, input and understanding to enable redevelopment.

Brownfields are sites that pose challenges to redevelopment due to perceived or real contamination.  The costs of determining if a property is contaminated, and if so,

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  • Next Steps
    Data & Input to Drive Redevelopment
    Reviewing these data sets now assists the Technical Project Team with prioritization efforts.
  • In both the federal and state definition of "brownfield" the presence or perceived presence of contamination thwarts redevelopment.  For any brownfield site to be redeveloped, the first step is to remove stigma or concern related that potential or real contamination may present at the site. To do this environmental assessment is required - this is the focus of US EPA's Brownfield Assessment Grants, and thus the focus of the South Bend Brownfield Coalition.
  • The US EPA's Brownfield Assessment Grant received by the South Bend Brownfield Coalition provides limited funding to assess environmental conditions at sites throughout St. Joseph County. As such, the Coalition's Technical Project Team, comprised of members from St. Joseph County, Mishawaka, and the City of South Bend will guide prioritization efforts, and approve qualifying sites for funding.  The brownfield assessment funds may only be used for environmental assessment (Phase I ESAs, Phase II ESAs, Conceptual Site Modeling, Asbestos Inspections / Surveys, Clandestine Drug Lab assessment, etc.) on qualifying properties. The brownfield assessment grant funds may NOT be used for brownfield remediation (cleanup of contamination). The EPA grant funds may only be used at properties that meet US EPA guidelines for eligibility.  Note:  EPA Eligibility is typically not an issue for Phase I ESAs and Asbestos Inspections. For Phase II ESAs and other investigations that require sampling more strict EPA eligibility rules apply. The method by which a property was acquired, and circumstances related to who may have contributed to the contamination are determining factors in eligibility for a property's owner to receive benefit from the EPA grant funds.  Typically, the eligibility review will examine how the property was acquired, and if a prospective purchaser conducted All Appropriate Inquiry prior to acquisition of the deed for the site. The eligibility requirements differ a bit with regards to the type of contamination that may be presence on a site. Petroleum impacted sites have different eligibility review from sites that may be impacted by other hazardous chemicals and toxic substances. The South Bend Brownfield Coalition will assist interested parties in determining if they and/or their site may be eligible for assessment grant assistance. Email us at Info@BrownfieldCoalition.org to learn more!
  • The Coalition's mass data mining and gathering effort is complete. The Technical Project Team reviewed community condition data, prior studies, and historic data sources reviewed identified key sites of interest. From digging deep in these data, we were able to recognize two distinct Focus Areas that demanded further review for brownfield and property vacancy conditions. The Technical Project Team completed identification and field verification of sites of interest in Focus Area A and B during Spring 2016.  The Coalition determined Stakeholder input to be a key asset in prioritizing the sites for brownfield investigation within Focus Area A and B. The South Bend Brownfield Coalition hosted a Stakeholder Engagement & Discussion on July 14, 2016 to further discuss prioritization efforts, and gain comments on Focus Area A in particular. Ongoing brownfield investigation of sites that exhibit immediate need continues. We often refer to these obvious brownfield sites in need as "No-Brainer Sites". If you have questions about a site, or identify what may be a No-Brainer Site in need of assessment, please contact us at BrownfieldCoalition@gmail.org !


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